Wishing You a Very
Blessed Christmas
      We are in the Season that the radio is filled with the sounds and commercials of Christmas. It is a
wonder how I never tire of some of those songs. But the other day one of the stations had some
reflective thoughts about the purpose of the Season. It made me think of what we are doing to
ourselves as we prepare for Christmas. The commentator was talking about how many people will fall
into debt because they feel like they have to buy so many gifts. I thought of the people who are
beginning to stress over what this will mean in the next few months and possibly years as they try to pay
off their understanding of Christmas. Have we moved so far from the reason for Christmas that we think
we must give till it destroys our spirit?

      What is it that Christ wants for us? If we look at the first Christmas and listen to the message of the
angels, we can hear that it is a time of peace and joy, not stress and anxiety. The giving of gifts should
come from the generosity of our hearts not an emptying of our wallets.  The only reason why we should
give a gift is to express a movement from our heart, not a fulfillment of an obligation. Does our gift
giving come from generosity or from a fear of what others might think of us?

      God’s gift to us, of sending His Son into the world to become human from birth to death, was not a
symbolic gesture of His love for us, but a pure act of His love for us. God did not go into debt for His
love for us, but only gave from what He has. His gift did not give Him stress but became the chance to
make His joy complete. If we can experience the Peace and Joy He gives, then His Joy is complete.

      It is the time of year that we should stop and listen to those songs on the radio. We need to hear
once again the beauty of the Christ Child coming to us through many different musical interpretations.
Even the secular songs, reflect a certain magic of the Season. We need to listen deeply so that we can
feel the joy of God’s mysterious delight. That delight is the birth of Jesus to win our freedom, so that we
may have His Peace and Joy forever.
Dear Friend -